Toby Headshot

Born in Osborn, Mississippi and raised in Niceville, Florida, Toby Turner is one of the original YouTube influencers and has built his online career through his various YouTube channels, “Tobuscus,” “Toby Games,” and his personal vlog page, “TobyTurner.” With 14.7+ million followers and over 3.7 billion views, Toby is best known for his comedic videos that include daily vlogging, self-written and produced comedy sketches, and video game “literal” trailers, walkthroughs, and skits with a comedic spin.

Growing up in a family that worked for the Air Force, Toby, his parents and brother moved around a lot, before finally moving to Niceville, Florida. Toby discovered from an early age his love for comedy and making people laugh. He drew a lot of his inspiration from his older brother and looked up to him a lot almost as a father figure. Playing video games and online gaming was also a big part of Toby’s youth. After graduating from high school, Toby went on to the University of Florida, and majored in microbiology, before switching to psychology, and then finally graduating with a BA in telecommunications.

A few years after finishing university, Toby moved out to Los Angeles with a friend in 2009 to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. After struggling as an actor, Toby found his niche on YouTube and began creating and editing content. The first channel Turner created in 2006 was “Tobuscus” which shot Toby to fame through his original content that included parodies, his own cartoon Tobuscus Adventures, and original songs and skits. After the success of “Tobuscus,” Toby began work on his second channel which debuted in 2009, “TobyTurner.” Dubbed the “lazy vlogs,” by Turner himself, the daily unedited videos drew a lot of attention and expanded his fandom even further, giving his viewers an insight to the daily happenings of Toby’s life. In 2010, Toby created his third YouTube channel, which he named “Toby Games.” This channel is best known for Toby’s videos of numerous games including the long-running fan favorite, Minecraft, and the Happy Wheels series. In addition to producing his own original content over three channels, Turner has worked together with a wide range of other YouTube personalities on various projects. In 2010, Toby made his first feature-length debut through the romantic comedy, NEW LOVE, which was featured at Sundance Film Festival, Austin Film Festival, and the Glasgow Film Festival. Turner has also appeared in other films, including WHY HIM?, SMILEY, as well as hit TV series NBC’s “Law & Order: SVU,” Cartoon Networks “The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Oranges,” and “TBS’ “American Dad,” to name a few.

When Toby isn’t channeling his humor in his videos, he performs at clubs across the world as a comedian and a musician.