A lifelong geek, Stephanie Michelle has been cosplaying since high school.  Stephanie’s cosplays and interests are heavily rooted in classic geek nostalgia, which is apparent in most of her work – from April O’Neil to Lara Croft! Stephanie was born and raised in Orange County California and studied art throughout her schooling. Having never really fit in with her classmates while growing up, Stephanie spent countless hours either reading anime or comics. Some of her favorite properties include X-Men, Sailor Moon, She-Ra, Harry Potter and Studio Ghibli films – all of which she grew up with! Stephanie has attended Anime Expo since middle school, and was a recent panel guest at Comikaze and LA Cosplay Con.

Stephanie’s work is also deeply rooted in anime and Asian pop culture. Stephanie has been honored to work with many noteworthy Asian brands. She partnered with Sanrio to help create the first ever American Hello Kitty theme fashion show. She has acted as a brand ambassador for Pocky – the ultimate otaku snack and has served as a model for the Lolita brand Angelic Pretty. Stephanie has also worked with the South Korean tourism board, where she hosted travel videos while exploring the country of Korea.

In addition to all of this, Stephanie Michelle is an advocate for autism awareness, female empowerment, and body confidence, which are common themes on her YouTube channel.

Outside of cosplaying, Stephanie enjoys pushing the boundaries of fashion with her outfits and wild hair colors. Stephanie’s efforts have earned her a sizable and rapidly growing social media following, often given the affectionate title of “senpai” by her fans.