Derek Stephen Prince, aka Steve Prince, has been in the film industry for 38 years, and the voiceover industry for 22. He has over 180 credits to his name. Some of his most most memorable roles include Piedmon, Demidevimon, Digimon Emperor, Veemon, Impmon, Beelzamon and Jeremy from the Digimon Series; Elgar from Power Rangers Turbo and Power Rangers in Space; Vexen from the Kingdom Hearts game series; Uryu from Bleach; Oswald from the game Odin Sphere; Lin from Cowboy Bebob; MOST of the incidental females from Lucky Star; Keitaro from Love, Hina; Reiji Shiratori from Blue Exorcist; and Shino from Naruto. He also is part of the cast for Toonami Asia’s Dragon Ball Super as Freiza.
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