Callie Cosplay as Sue Storm aka The Invisible Woman

Callie Cosplay is the alias of costumer Leah Burroughs. While attending school for her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Management, she began building her repertoire of cosplay after first dressing up as Black Widow for The Avengers movie release in May 2012. Leah loved the feeling of being in costume and the positive effect it had on the people around her. With a lifelong love for all things geek, including superheroes, Leah became enthralled with the cosplay community. Within months, she had built a fan base online solely based on her dedication to making costumes and modeling for photo shoots. Callie Cosplay rapidly became a noteworthy name in the cosplay scene.

Callie is an official Geek Girl, has been named in the top 100 Sexiest Women Alive for Smart Mark Radio, held the title of “Queen of Cosplay” across numerous websites, has participated in dozens of features and interviews across the web, has been featured on television news stations, and can be found in print, including the front page of her hometown newspaper, The Orlando Sentinel. Callie’s portfolio consists of over 50 costumed characters, all of which she has diligently crafted and modeled. She is not only an avid costumer, but also enjoys creating “real life comic book artwork” by combining these skills with her photography and graphic design. Callie has been an official guest at numerous conventions nationwide, from coast to coast. Aside from her vast knowledge and skill sets surrounding costuming, she loves to host panels on multiple subjects including but not limited to cosplay/costuming and anti-bullying efforts. Callie is a strong advocate for anti-bullying programs and suicide prevention, and welcomes any opportunity to publicly speak on this subject. She is also an experienced costume judge and welcomes everyone to the wonderful world of cosplay.