Talent Lineup Curation

Seeking input on your talent lineup for your show or event?  Allow us to offer themed suggestions and paired or grouped guest offerings.  Our finger is always on the pulse of the latest pop culture trends.

Sponsorship Deck Development

Sponsorship is a great way to expand the profile of your show and allow advertisers to engage fans directly.  A well produced sponsorship deck is the key to securing sponsors.  With six years of experience drafting and reviewing sponsorship & promotional decks, we will work with you to produce this very necessary, industry standard document to help elevate your show to the next level.

Promotional & Marketing Efforts Advisement

We’re not a graphic design firm.  Epoch Talent is an idea factory!  Wanting input on how to better engage your target audience and expand the profile of your event?  Let us help you mastermind key marketing pieces and concepts that will resonate with the customers you want to connect with.

Programming and Content Development

Needing fresh and innovative ideas for your show?  We’ve got them!